Private mint for sale:

Private mint for sale:

  • complete minting production lines (capacity: 26000 coins/month)
  • refining system for gold (high purity of AU .9999)
  • minting machinery 



We offer complete minting production lines containing more than 120 machines that allow to manufacture products made out of silver and gold. They were used for manufacturing of: numismatic and investment coins, bullion bars and medals – all made out of precious metals.

The production is currently suspended and the complete minting machinery lines are available for sale. The factory equipment was previously operated by a private mint, which successfully offered its products in EU and USA. Production can be resumed immediately.



  • The factory stopped production in 2015 for reasons not related to the activities of mint itself but other causes.


The customers

There are customers for:

1. Finished products

  • investors in physical precious metals
  • coin collectors, numismatist
  • common individuals investors

2. Minting service

The mint was often providing a minting service for customers from USA and France. They had their own brands and designs and mint worked as a subcontractor. We will reveal the information about these companies to the buyer of machinery.

Products that can be manufactured: coins

The mining production line is complete and ready for manufacturing coins made out of silver, gold or other metals (palladium, platinum, alloys, etc.). The line is equipped with a set of dies for the following sizes of coins: 1oz, 1/2oz, 1g. Any design of this sizes can be made.

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Products that can be manufactured: bars

The line is equipped with a set of dies able to manufacture the following sizes of the bars: 100g, 50g, 25g, 20g, 1oz, 1/4oz, 10g, 5gr, 1gr. Any design of this sizes is possible to be made.



Designs of the products

1. Old designs

The license for old designs that mint has been manufacturing are not contained in this offer and have to be negotiated separately. There is also scope for cooperation on manufacturing these designs as a minting service.

2. New designs – it’s easy!

1111 111111When you wish to design a new coin you need to contact a designer to prepare the new design. The ArtCAM software is perfect for such job and it is popular. It takes few days for a skilled graphic designer to transfer your idea into the .ART file (approximate cost: 300EUR).

The new design is engraved within 4 days on a blank stamp. It can be done by a CNC machine, but the best quality can achieve 3D engraving laser (approximate cost: 200EUR). We are ready to reveal all the details about this process and help you with the first designs.


Silver supply

The biggest producer of silver in the world is a mining company KGHM. It is located in Poland just 550km from the mint. For the minting purposes silver grain of high purity 99,99% was usually used. Raw materials were sometimes supplied also from Netherlands.

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Machinery for sale

Picture of the offered machines are here, if you have any questions let’s get in touch.

Production processsilv

The raw material from the supplier usually comes as a silver or gold grain. It takes 10-12 stages and a group of machines to manufacture a final product (either a coin or a bar):

1. Melting the raw material into a stripe (there are 5 induction melting furnaces; 3 of them are continuous casting furnaces


Figure 1. IECO continuous melting furnace, 50kg raw material


Figure 2. IECO PYRROS continuous melting furnace (2 machines of this model)


Figure 3. A stripe of silver in continuous casting process


Figure 4. Non-continuous melting is good for small quantities or prototype development

2. Etching of metal, chemical cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning of the material.

3. Rolling a stripe to decrease its thickness (rolling machines)

This process is necessary to decrease the thickness of stripes. Rolling has to be done many times, each time the stripe should be a little bit thinner to achieve a suitable thickness – and thus appropriate weight of the coin/bar. At the moment 5 rolling machines is ready for action.


4. Coining

At this stage eccentric punch press is cutting a blank coin/bar out of a stripe. There is a wide range of dies that can cut different sizes and shapes.

There are 15 eccentric punch presses with various dies mounted.


Figure 5. A big die for square bars installed on a 45-ton heavy eccentric press


Figure 6. There is a different die installed on each press already. There is no need to change dies and adjust them every time you produce different products


Figure 7. At this point the blank coin or bar is manufactured

5. Weight control

Blank coins and bars required to be weighted to ensure that it consist a correct amount of material.


Figure 8. An advanced high-precision scale, with closed box on a special anti-vibration table to ensure very accurate measurement (+/- 0,02g precision).


6. Tempering At this point the blank coin/bar is very hard.
During tempering process hardness of metals is reduced and it will be easier to impress a design on blanks.

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Products are heated to a high temperature in a special furnace with a conveyor belt and the ambient gas (often a mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen).

7. Edge/rim adjusting. For bigger sizes of coins often required to uplift their rim-edge on an upsetting machine (also known as a rimming machine).

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8. Acid cleaning

This clears out any oils and fats from the machine or hands of employees.

9. Drying 

10. Pressing a design

At this point a clean blank coin/bar is placed in a tooling of a hydraulic press. A weight of up to 130 ton is impressing the design from a lower and upper stamps into a silver coin (or other product).


Figure 9. A tooling for big bars



Figure 10. A 650-ton hydraulic press Ferrara

Figure 11. A finished 100g bar of gold

11. Packing

The products were usually packed as a blister or into a PVC cases.


Hand casting

For small quantity of products or when a new design is developed a hand casting can be employed. The equipment for this process is ready. Below are few of the products made in the mint:


Figure 12. A 1000g bar of silver made by hand casting


Figure 13. A 5oz silver bar

Production capacity is described here

dsc_1204Refining system for gold

Apart from the minting machines, there is a complete refining system for gold possible to achieve a purity of .9999. System is manufactured in 2012 by Italimpianti Orafi S.p.a. (Italy).

During the first operation of the unit, it requires to “consume” a 100g of gold to be left inside on the walls and surfaces of the system. It was done already once and the system is fully operational and ready for refining now. The cost of this refining system was 45.000EUR + 100g of gold.

More information here

What is for sale

  1. Complete minting production line for coins, bars and medals
  2. Complete refining machinery for gold
  3. Minting machinery (separate equipment, not included above)
  4. Know-how of how to operate the machines
  5. Comprehensive training for employees
  6. Additional business information about former suppliers and customers
  7. Over 100GB of files that are related for the business
  8. A big set of movies with a lot of key information recorded (7GB)

Machines are listed here.

Factory building

Factory occupies 500 square meters on the lowest level of the building located in Poland. It is located in an industrial part of City. The building is leased from the Port. It was renovated and fully adjusted to the factory needs (cooling systems, ventilation, etc.). You are welcome to continue the production in this location or free to move the machinery elsewhere. We are ready to help you with the export of the machines if needed.

The production halls are suited for all needs of the mint:

  1. Efficient ventilation
  2. Power supply of 110V, 240V, 400V
  3. Air supply system
  4. Alarm system
  5. Long ramps for trucks
  6. Two wide, lifted gates from opposite sides




Our former employees are highly skilled and familiar with the minting processes. Key people are ready to participate in resuming production and to train new staff. We also keen to reveal all the know-how that is necessary to run this enterprise.

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  • The factory stopped production in 2015 for reasons not related to the activities of mint itself but other causes.
  • All of the mint products depicted above are made on the machines that are offered
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